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    Item Detailed Specification
    Inside dimension 7000×4000×2800 mm (L×W×H)
    Outside dimension 7120×5520×3750mm (L×W×H)
    Front door Folding door, 3 folds, 3000×2750 mm (W×H), without frame, square window frame, orange colour, door head and two batten on both sides white colour, with safety escape door lock.
    Emergency door 1 units, 800×2000mm (W×H), colour: white, with safety escape door lock.
    Basement Galvanized steel assemble, 350mm high, galvanized steel bending support, full grilles made by flat bar 30×5 and twisted steel, galvanized, 3 ramps, 900×2500mm/pc, silver colour.
    Wall panel Thickness: 60mm, both sides covered by coated steel, thickness 0.6mm, with rock wool inside, colour: white.
    Light Ceiling Lights: 8Units×4Pcs=32Pcs×36W, both sides lights: 7Units×4Pcs=28Pcs×36W, back side lights: 4Units×4Pcs=16Pcs×36W, LED light tube.
    Generator cabinet Intake from back upper, exhaust from rear upper, galvanized steel frame; white powder coated panel covered, filled with heat preservation material PU inside.
    Intake and Exhaust system Inlet: 1×7.5KW turbo fan, Siemens motor, air capacity for each fan: 25000m3/h, electric damper.
    Outlet: 1×7.5KW turbo fan, Siemens motor, air capacity for each fan: 25000m3/h, electric damper.
    Heating system Italy RIELLO RG5S diesel burner, double layer stainless steel heat exchanger, pneumatic damper actuates from spraying to baking cycle. Max. heating productivity: 260000kcal/h, with heat recovery system.
    Purification system Pre-filter (pocket type), ceiling filter, fibreglass filter, activated carbon filter (pocket type)
    Roof 50mm rock wool panel.
    Control system Spraying, heat spraying, baking, time setting, lighting switch, failure indicator, thermostat, power supply switch, emergency stop, pressure gauge, all motors reduced-voltage starting.
    Total power 17KW (Power supply  1×220V, 3×380V, 50HZ)
    Unit price USD/set FOB Guangzhou 

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